Milling - Turning - Mechanical Machining


O.M. Varotto - Meneguzzi srl has been working for years in precision engineering works in the following fields: machine tools, ship industry, textile industry, food industry, shoemaking industry, mold units, experimental mechanics in collaboration with universities, revisions and others, according lo customer projects and designs. The company carries out numerically controlled machining of:
- turning, up to Ø 1.800 x l.OOO and Ø 700 X 3.200 equipped with up to Ø 600 steady rests internal refrigeration far deep drilling and boring bars;
- milling, up to 12.000 X 1.500 X 3.500 equipped with numerically controIled and other swivelling heads, tool loader, table. All this is assisted by modern software programming the part, controlling feed motion and the product.
Product supply occurs with own materials or account of manufacture, complete with:
heat treatments, grinding, varnishing, nikel plating, burnishing, chromium coating or other surface treatments for small and large series with possible assembly, subject to rigorous measurements suitable to guarantee the required quality to the customer.
The company collaborates with certified and checked subsuppliers, assuming full responsibility for quality and time requirements.

O.M. Varotto - Meneguzzi srl has a staff of expert and motivated technicians for years collaborate with the company to rech the quality of the final product, fruit of the long experience and passion of the owner, Mr. Amedeo. Tanks to simple yet solid moral principles, he had made the company into a reliable partner for its customer to over 70 years.
The scientific knowledge of the mechanical industry and the expertise of the operators allow O.M. Varotto - Meneguzzi srl a sure reference point far the solution to any problem.